Drunken Degenerates

Welcome to The Spoony Bard & Grill

Enjoy a nice meal while listening to some live music or just kick back and relax after a long day of work. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Spoony Bard and Grill


The goal of The Spoony Bard & Grill is for everyone to have fun. Our venue is a SFW location. Flirting, sitting in laps and such are welcome. Please keep anything else to /tell or party.We will also not tolerate any harassment to anyone with in our establishment. If you are being harassed, please let a member of the staff know. This also includes being rude to the bard on stage. We will ask you once to stop and if you don't you will be asked to leave.We are RP/ RP lite/ AFK Venue so please sit back enjoy a drink and some food and have a good time.


Outlander & Cheyann


Cheyann, an orphan, was raised in Ul'dah and spent most of her time as a child around Sapphire Avenue Exchange. Loves clothing design and photography.All her friends call her Chey. Cheyann is also the owner of Froth and Foam Spa.Outlander, a man of many talents. He helped Cheyann start her first business, and won her over with a song.He takes his role as Co-Owner very seriously. You will find him sitting in his owners chair every Friday night!The two are also the leaders of the Drunken Degenerates Free Company.

Back Office Manager


Mistah joined the Drunken Degenerates Free Company as a fresh adventurer. He found out about the bar that Chey and Outlander ran and wanted to help instantly.Mistah helps out behind the scene. You will often find him working in the office Friday nights.He enjoys creating graphics for all of Spoony's ads. He has created several bards logos as well.


Spoony is lucky enough to have several bards call our venue home. These bards can be seen playing at least once a month. If you are looking for bards we highly recommend these bard.

Atrus and Twinklet
Lora & The Sappy Bards
Menphina's Muses
Noala Notes
No Holds Bard

There are some great venues out there. We are excited to have each of these wonderful venues as partners.

Archer's Den
Otterly Amazing Cafe & Lounge
Femboy Hooters
Huckleberry Saloon
Whisperleaf Recording Co